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Trippermate offers various types of luggage and accessories that make travelling more convenient. Each of our products has been tested for durability and security.

About Trippermate

Because we believe that our customers deserve the highest quality suitcases and accessories available, we work hard to continuously improve our products. Our goal is to provide our customers with attractive, hard-wearing, and secure luggage they can feel confident using on their trips around the world.

We have created this website to showcase our great product selection. If you wish to view our available products, feel free to browse around.

What We Offer: Travel Must-Haves

  • Luxury Luggage

    When it comes to durability and style, you can never go wrong with our luxury luggage. The suitcases in our luxury collection bring glamor back to traveling, and they are designed to fully protect your belongings.

  • Standard Luggage

    If you want a suitcase that is simple and secure, our standard luggage is for you. This collection features suitcases with built-in compartments so you can easily organize your stuff.

  • Economy Luggage

    Want a light and sturdy suitcase? Opt for our economy luggage. Each suitcase in this collection has a hard shell, so you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting damaged.

  • Travel Accessories

    Before you go on a trip, you should check out our travel accessories! We have quality power banks that will help keep your gadgets running for a long period of time.

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